Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Bad day with Multiple Sclerosis

I am past the stage with my Multiple Sclerosis of good days and bad days. All days are bad and some days are even worse. Today was an even worse day! We had friends coming to visit so the Day kicked off a little brisker than usual and I suffer from Primary progressive Multiple Sclerosis which means it is a steady decline I don't get relapses or times when the MS is aggressive and times where it is OK, mine never lets up but it can get even worse for a short while and today was one of those days.
Great here we are guests just arrive women outside and men inside, we had just got through the pleasantries and were discussing our health when I got an overwhelming urge for the toilet. I am in my wheelchair and by the time I have got to the toilet (too late) and got cleaned up I was exhausted and went back to bed. I went straight to sleep so missed our friends it's been a year since I saw them last and it looks like I won't see them again until next year as they spend our winter months in Spain. I have had a few off these incidents in the last little while and I don't often go and visit people because I never know what the Day will bring. My body is a wreck but it could be worse, at times it is difficult to believe that but days like this just remind me even the bad days are good. Now having slept all day I am wide awake.

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