Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Airflow Mattress

I am still in bed and Heather and our daughter have put the airflow mattress on because after being in bed for five days and not a lot of change on the horizon we decided I don't want bed sores to add to my dilemma. Trouble is the mattress is very good but sounds like it is going to take off every twenty minutes. I also find it very cold and had an extra cover in the night Heather was very pleased at two am. to get out of her nice warm bed to make me feel warm. We had tea and chocolate chip cookies as well, sort of a midnight feast. Great until I awoke at five in need of gaviscon, normally it lives beside my bed on my night tray but guess who had to get up a second time to retrieve it from the table where it was sitting mocking me.
All in all an eventful night with not a lot of sleep for either of us. I cant get up and am even crossing the landing in the wheelchair rather than my usual meander with the zimmer frame. Heather has just gone in search of sugar puffs for me and then hopefully I can get some sleep.

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