Wednesday, 20 August 2014

To Shop or not to shop that is the question

the Canal

we should have chosen to eat here MUCH less expensive

Ships off Margate

less zoom more ships off Margate there was 20 in total on Horizon
Yesterday had the normal lazy start and because it looked like rain we decided to go shopping for something for dinner. Having not nailed down where to go local or Canterbury Tesco or Sainsbury we found ourselves in the car at the end of Zion Place sort of overlooking the sea apart from in the middle of your vision is a huge Victorian terrace of houses side on to you so you get a split view of the sea, Wind turbines one side and WW2 sea forts Radio Caroline and all that the other side. Well if you read by blogs you will know about my Ships theory and guess what there were lots of ships but being in deep conversation about where to go shopping I had missed them. Heather cut down to the Winter Gardens car Park and we began the count, My Theory is you can always count ten ships off of Margate. They have to park up there to get a Pilot to drive them into Tilbury and you can always see the pilot boats whizzing up to these huge vessels and delivering the Pilot who then guides them through the treacherous Goodwin Sands. The final count was twenty Ships and one of them had been enormous.
I do look up on the internet to see where these Ships have come from and where they are headed. I use a website called  
Its a great source of fun and it has pictures of the ships from various sitings all over the world, a bit like Eddie Stobart for Ships.
Eventually when I had my fill of floatie Boaties as my Heather calls them the sun had come out an flecks of blue sky was showing. Hmmmm difficult decision to make now, to shop or not to shop that is the question says me ruining those famous lines of the Imortal Bard. Given the chance I would never shop men are only ever happy in Tool Shops looking at huge dewalt planer thicknesser's or socket sets. Tins of carrot and parsley soup dont have the same ring to them in a throw away line at the Public bar in the Kings Head Pub. Imagine the conversation over two pints of Mild with your best mate, "I got a real good deal at Siansbury today on two tins of CPS" Not the same ring as I was in toolmart looking at the Dewalt DW733 do you know that greedy son of a bitch will deal with eight metres yes EIGHT METERS a minute sweet bit of kit if I was still working thats what I would have the 733 takes some beating" I can imagine it now I would be a hero amongst mere mortals.
With the sun out this was now time to decide shops or Bacon Sarnies. We call round to see our friends who are out, Heather calls them and gets told "stay put don't move we are coming you cant go with without us"
 Heather Jumps in the back Phil takes over the driving and the girls are chatting away in the back and we head out on the open road. We eventually end up in Hythe arriving after a very scenic ride through the Elham Valley do have a look at the website its a stunning piece of Kent countryside. At Hythe we try and park in the town the High Street was no go and we didn't want to park in the supermarket car park and sneak out without shopping so headed away to Seabrook half a mile just outside of Hythe and Parked up at the car park at the begining of the Royal Military Canal. We had a short walk along the sea front and stopped for Bacon and Egg rolls from the little beach front hut and ate them overlooking the English Channel. I used to fish off this stretch of shore as a youngster and I remember many stories of 20 pound plus Cod being landed here in the 1970's unfortunately I never caught one of them. When we were first married we had looked at a shop a few hundred yards from were we had parked so on the walk we went over a bridge crossing the canal and looked at the back of that said shop and the bungalow that was now standing in the space some old outbuildings had occupied. Eventually we wound our way back to the car and watched some children messing about with canoes.
Next we headed through Sandgate and onto Folkestone another haunt from my youth we managed to negotiate our way through the one way system and ended up following a Bride and Groom in a Horse and carriage so the pace was slow. Heading on to Dover past the Castle we cut off after missing the turning we were meaning to take but ended up in a traffic jam in a small village as a lorry carrying a big digger clossed the road. Then we were on to look for an ice cream by Walmer Castle we soon discovered the no ice cream van but that didnt stop us onwards to Deal Beach Parlour
Rum and Raisins in cones all round. Next on to Sandwich were we had a cuppa from our favourite chippie then home via Westwood Cross shopping centre. The girls wanted some bits so Phil and I went into Phones direct. I never did get served and headed over to the o2 shop and spoke to Sophie she wrote all the details down for me so I could report back to Heather after all the phone will be hers I never use my mobile.
Dropped the others off at their house and Heather took the coast road home and just as we pulled up outside home Heather's phone goes. Its Wendy had she left her phone in our car. Back to there house but the first route was blocked by a closed road. So we went past Margate Football club, mut have been a big match there was cars everywhere. Delivered the phone  and came home in time to watch IN THE CLUB. Great Show. Margate FC won 3:1 against East Thurrock United come on you Blues


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