Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Tankerton Slopes Whitstable for Fried Breakfast

A fry up can be acceptable at any time of day. We got up slowly as usual today and when I spoke to daughter number two I had told her we aimed to take the camera and pootle of to Dover, well we never got to Dover in fact we went in the opposite direction. We met up with Wendy and Phil and went to one of our favourite cafe's at Tankerton Slopes I have written on here many times about the Bacon and egg sandwiches the doorstep slices of bread and the portions. Well this time I ended up having a small breakfast:- two eggs two bacon one very tasty sausage fresh fried tomato and two rounds of toast plus tea or coffee. I had charged the camera but when we got there it was still at home so no piccies. You can see the Isle of Sheppey and also the Essex coast and Southend.
The weather was bright and sunny so we sat outside Heather had to cut my bacon up and help with the eggs after I started wearing more than I was eating the toast went down well and I managed to get most of the dippy toast in without to much yolk on my tee shirt. We walked along to Whitstable Castle and saw it was mobbed with a KCC road safety thing so turned round and walked back, negotiating the wheelchair in crowds is hard so we decided discretion is or was the better part of valour. Click here for one of our trips to the Seaview Cafe

Big Breakfast This is the large breakfast and I am having it next time 

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  1. Thanks Don, sounds delicious.
    Thanks for de-listing my obsolete blogs. Any chance of listing when you've had a chance to check it out?
    Best wishes


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