Sunday, 31 August 2014

Sunday Sunday

My brother often tells me he is liking his retirement. He says "do you know no sooner is it Monday it's Friday and then I get the weekend off". The reason I am saying things is because my weeks are like that, one day is much the same as any other. We only buy a newspaper on a Saturday and that's for the TV guide so I often have to check the calendar to see what day it is and as for the date I never know it. I do know tomorrow is the first of September. How come I know this momentous fact my Doctor has left and starts his new position and I will mourn his leaving. He has been there for me through thick and thin up hill and down Dale in good times and bad. He has become a friend and I will miss him. Enough of the sentimental stuff I now have his wife as my GP and she is much nicer than him anyhow. It's funny how you get complacent and change is unsettling isn't it. If nothing changed we would all still suffer from Rickets and travel around in horse and carts. My dad was born 100 years ago and when he was a boy on the farm they used horses now he wouldn't  recognise the world it's fast cars and mobile phones. He would have known the date though it would have been his birthday this week on the 5th he would have been 103 had he not died at the age of 54. All the advancement in medical care and they can't cure my multiple sclerosis or the common cold for that matter.
I am just putting these few lines down coz I can there is no real reason for me telling you this stuff other than to highlight that things change and say yes it will be different but most not all change is good. Embrace change even energy-efficient light bulbs because we can't live the same for ever we change.if things never changed those energy-efficient light bulbs would be candles and we would be in mud huts. Evolution progress and tomorrow it will be Monday the first of September.Embrace the first day of autumn.

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  1. There are many events that we are powerless to change. But, we can change our attitude to them?


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