Thursday, 14 August 2014

Slow day for me

I woke late and stayed in bed. Heather was up and doing housework so kept me supplied with tea and coffee but I think she was secretly pleased I stayed in bed. Another no speaking phone call at 11:09 made me jump out of my skin in the few minutes from turning the television off at 11:00 I must have nodded of because I really did jump out of my skin. Heather finished her housework and got me up I had lunch and it started to rain. No that's not true it just started to tip down rain had nothing to do with it this was a deluge. Needless to say I didn't want to go with Heather to the shops I stayed at home and re-read Saturday's paper. We only buy one paper a week mainly to the television guide and it lasts all week. I am a little like that Simon and Garfunkel record I get all the news I need on the weather report!
Not actually true I am an avid watcher of the news it's just newspaper I dislike. I don't mind reading them it's buying them I dislike. News on television is much more instant but I can't stand the 24 news channels it's just on a continuous look repeated every fifteen minutes yawn! Don't get me wrong I like news but it belongs in its allotted slots lunchtime, early evening and ten o'clock. As a lat I used to listen to Jack Dimanio every morning on the home service radio I think it was before it became radio four. His voice was very BBC no breakfast television in those days. I can remember radio one starting with Tony Blackburn anyone remember Arnold his dog? He is on Twitter not Arnold Tony is, I tweet him some of my bad jokes and ask after Arnold when I remember. He usually tweets back does Tony.
Just got to bed having watched The Honourable Woman on yellow can't make head nor tale of it but next week's the last one and I am sure it will all be as clear as mud.
That's me done the painkillers have just kicked in so I am signing off. Nite work.

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