Monday, 25 August 2014

pain treatments

I posted a link to a BBC article about Savitex last week, evidently it will be available to MS sufferers in Wales but not for suffered here in the United Kingdom.  That for me sucks. I have had Primary progressive Multiple Sclerosis for so long I don't actually remember being pain free, I take as little pain relief as possible as I suffer side effects and to have a treatment available but not qualify for it because of my location is ridiculous. I fully understand the cost restraints etc. But when I see the way the NHS spends its money I am not inclined to care. The organisation has treated me very well over the years and I am always the first to defend it but maybe I have said that wrong. I am always the first to defend its staff, and maybe that's where I have been wrong Confusing the staff from the bureaucracy. I can once remembered dragging myself out of my hospital bed and walking my chest drain round into the next bay and tearing off a woman who was slateing the nurses for every thing at the top of her voice. She discovered she wasn't the only one with a loud voice and I got a round of applause for explaining the facts of life to her and making her apologise to the nurses.
Maybe I thought the nurses and doctors on the front line were the NHS but they are the bit we all see so maybe my confusion is OK. The bit of the NHS I am confusing it with is the faceless bit the bit that costs a fortune and makes the decisions. The bit that shuffles the famous papers, strange how once we thought with computers we could have a paperless bureaucracy. Sorry I digress, the management who decide and implement and are not accountable. Who's decision can cost fortunes but who can change that very expensive decision and the doctors and nurses who had originally said it's unworkable have to pick up the pieces and work with less money are the ones who are ignored.
So maybe I want Savitex and less costly management more front line staff. Welcome to my utopian NHS.

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  1. Very true Don. As a retired nurse I've seen many flaws in the nhs and have also dealt with abuse from patients and relatives. As a patient now I feel the problems more personally and yes, so much feels so frustrating and wrong. I'd love to point out a few suggestions but like you I've found the beurocracy difficult to get through to.


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