Friday, 22 August 2014

Just got up

New and Old side by side
Here it is four oclock in the afternoon and I am just up. I would have still been asleep had Heather not needed to talk to me before she went out. I had an exhausting day yesterday, yes I know I only sit in the car or wheelchair but I am exhausted all the same. I went for a ride through the Kent countryside and onto the Isle of Sheppey where we went over old stomping grounds from my youth. We went over both the new bridge and the old one. The new bridge is a huge thing dwarfing the old bridge. We went to Sheerness and Leysdown and Minster plus all points in between. I was going down memory lane. I have had a rich and varied life and its great to revist some of my past to reawaken those brain cells that had lain dormaint for over forty years.

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