Sunday, 17 August 2014

I am broke part two

Hoodners Horses wander the streets

Apologies for any typos I am laying in bed again today. MS is  hilarious its one big bundle of fun. I live in Margate  on the Kent coast and once a year a neighbouring town Broadstairs holds a folk festival titled as Broadstairs  Folk Week it really is one of the hi-lites of the local calendar. Well Friday was the last day for this year and we went with some of the family and had a good mooch around the stalls and watched several different performers. I was pushed around in my wheelchair so not a strenuous pass time. But the following day I couldn't even get off the bed, Heather pulled me round and sat me up as usual but I had no strength and I hurt  all over and my joints were really painful. Yesterday was spent sleeping and taking painkillers watching a bit of football and more sleeping.
Today has not been a lot different I have been asleep all morning but I have just eaten plus a trip to the bathroom in the wheelchair so I must be on the mend I couldn't have done that yesterday. Talking to other PPMSer's there is nothing unusual in feeling awful after something out of the ordinairy. As I  said  I wasn't doing anything strenuous just sitting in  the wheelchair  but even different  thoughts wear you out  and I have had MS long enough to know I need to pace myself. I rest before we have visitors so I can keep  up with the conversation. If we go to  the supermarket I come home and  read  the paper and often have a  nap. We don't go  far nowadays the most  we do is go for a ride in the car an even then I often fall  asleep in the car.
much dancing and fun plus loads of music

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