Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Home alone again

Daughter number two had daughter number ones son today and they all wanted to go to Wingham Wildlife park. It's like a Zoo and would be hard work with three boys in tow so Heather went along to keep control. I don't know why it is but she feels guilty for leaving me home alone. I personally love it. I get to watch what I want and most definitely I don't watch Escape to the Country. I was left with glasses of squash crisps biscuits a cool bag full of goodies plus a fruit bowl full of apple's some over ripe bannana' s and a whole container full of dried apricots, I love dried apricots. Off she went and I had two phone calls to check I was OK before they had even arrived at their destination. She does feel that guilty.
Well I was on my second visit to the food and the phone rings, it's that nice foreign girl the one who keeps calling about my Windows Computers. She is very nice for a con artist and I even turn the tellie down and get her to repeat her spiel all over again. When she had finished I asked her about this computer she says my Windows Computers I says the only Windows I have are for looking out of. She gets confused at this point and called me a nasty name and slams the phone down on me. She can't understand about uPvc Windows or maybe she is allergic to the roses I was describing to her the ones that I don't actually have but I was describing then in great detail to her. Anyhow I was now sitting here with no one to talk to and a need to go to the toilet. I have a catheter fitted and the bag was full to bursting point, so off I toddled crashed the electric wheelchair into my zimmer frame and up to the bathroom on my stairlift. I am just washing my hands and the phone rings again. I haven't been this popular since I got measles as a kid. Well I know full well I can't answer the phone we do have one upstairs but I can't rush with the zimmer, in fact I can't rush without it. I finish in the bathroom and halfway down on my stairlift the darn thing goes again.
Eventually I am back in my wheelchair and checking the phone. I don't recognise the number, it's a mobile number so quick as a flash I reckon it must have been Heather checking on my well being. I ring her and explain but no it's not her but as our son is on holiday it's probably him. I ring him and yes it was him and he is on his way with out his girlfriend he had rushed out of the house thinking that I must have fallen over or worse and did I fancy watching a DVD he will go back and get his girlfriend and they would be back in about half an hour. Yes it was funny him thinking I might have fallen over and no he had eaten he didn't want to share my picnic.
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Funny old day and the DVD was a bit odd but Heather got home halfway through it enjoyed it I couldn't understand it. Still the Zoo had been fun and I got some cake. I wonder what's in store for me tomorrow?

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  1. Lovely to read your wry view of life Don...especially the nice bit about keeping a con artist on the phone for hours, and her exasperated response ...well played !! x


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