Friday, 29 August 2014

Fish n chips and cold knees

Been a funny sort of day. Up early for me I was downstairs showered shaved and eating breakfast before ten o'clock. We needed to collect some medication from the chemists and then went through to Broadstairs to visit The Butcher of Brogdale I fancied lamb chops for dinner. On the road into Broadstairs we met heavy traffic going nowhere. It can be a bit (slight under statement) of a bottleneck. We cut off and went round by Bleak House where Charles Dickens used to stay and the weather really did get bleak. The heaven's opened and the wind got up the only amusing thing was seeing some cyclists we had passed a while earlier huddled under a clifftop shelter. Fancy going out in shorts in August it's just asking for rain.
Well we got the chops and some vegetables and headed for home. The rain must have got into the electronics because temporarily the indicators stopped working and Heather got wet checking they were working again. We eventually got home and it had hardly rained there the line of washing Heather had mithered on about was virtually dry and was given a quick spin in the tumble dryer. Lunch and then we had grandchildren for a while. The eldest always grabs the rise and recline chair his brother test all sorts of bribes to get him out but has yet to succeed.
Our daughter returned in time to relocate reclining chair son to football training and moan at her older sister who was joining us with her son for fish and chips. I know I told you we were having lamb chops but that got changed to accommodate the way the Day went. Various visitors and things put paid to them being cooked. So fish and chips at Herne Bay. I must admit it wasn't the best they have served but the portion was huge so never mind the quality feel the width. We got back in time to watch Scrappers on telly followed by the extra slice of bake off.
I have just got into bed and my knee' s are freezing I mean really cold. I am warming up now because Heather has found me a blanket, anybody would think it's winter here tonight. Brrr. I am going to sleep night night.

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