Sunday, 24 August 2014

Carbon Fibre runner

Just watching the Blade Babe Marlou Van Rhijn give an interview about running with blades. Disabilities take all different forms and she is missing bother her feet. Would I swop my disability for another form?  Well we dont get any choice in what is wrong with us do we. I wake up every day wondering will I be cured today even after in excess of twenty years with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis I still am waiting for the cure. Why the fact that someone who is disabled in the way she is should be considered aided by blades is beyond me surely people should ask is she disabled by the fact she is missing two feet. They dont comment on the wheelchair in the wheelchair races or wheelchair basket ball. Maybe it is me and I am missing something still she won her race. I am going to eat my evening meal and think about types of disabilities.

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