Saturday, 5 July 2014

More Fish and Chips and a walk at Sandwich and an escape from the Bears

sign  telling us not to touch the bear traps
the Quay at Sandwich
sloes ideal for adding to gin
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shadows but beware there cracks

felt mats where bears live

Big Boat

view from walk across the river

empty bin

Pretty Flowwer
 I just thought I would tell you about last nights fish supper. It had been a hot no a very hot day and I had been in bed until one o'clock these new Gabapentin tablets have knocked me sideways today is a little better I was able to get up just before ten. Maybe my system is getting used to them but each time I increase the dose I sleep for England for a few days. Our mates Wendy and Phil phoned and said did we fancy fish and chips somewhere. I have never heard such a stupid question, they should have said where are we having fish and chips. Just as well the phoned and booked us early because we had a further two invites one for a barbecue and another for an evening walk.
Well we ended up at Sandwich and parked in the newly refurbished car park. The others got the wheelchair out for me and I was pushed up the new slopes and onto the riverside walk. There is a sign that they run river trips from by the bridge but we were far to late for any of those as it was now past seven o'clock. The girls went to the fish and chip shop and Phil and I picked an empty seat and we set about using up the film in my old TLR camera. I had also taken my point and shoot so when Heather is able to get it for me I will post some photos from the walk we had after we had eaten. By now Heather and Wendy returned with boxes of goodies for us to eat and we were joined by a couple of female Mallard ducks who ate any scraps. After we had finished locating a rubbish bin was a bit of a chore. All the bins near the Quay were full to overflowing but we intended taking a walk along the river and the bins further along were more accommodating in fact the one furthest away was virtually empty I even to a photo of it intending to send it to Dover council suggesting they install a couple more bins where they are needed so the rubbish doesn't end up all over their car park.
Anyone who is in the area I can recomend the walk along the river and it goes over a small bridge and follows the river route but you are a couple of hundred yard from the actuall river. We have done this walk several times before and last night it was a nice cooling end to what had been a hot day. Along the walk someone was doing a nature survey and litte squares of felt had been placed on the grass and we made lots of jokes about what was under them starting with saying they were for slow worms then adders boa constrictors  and anacondaurs and then the conversations  got silly. They  were bear traps eventually and I was  safe in the wheelchair as I was safe but the others had to mind out for the cracks because standing on one obviously ment being consumed by the giant bears hiding under those darned squares of felt.
We all managed to get back to the car safely, no one was eaten by the bears or squashed by snakes but if you wander along the river path at Sandwich beware of the bears.

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