Thursday, 31 July 2014

In bed again Gabapentin fail

Well after such high hopes I have decided to come off the Gabapentin tablets. They made feel worse, I was making it across the landing with my zimmer but for the last week Heather has been pushing me across in the wheelchair. Trouble is that I need to wean myself off them and today my body didn't want to play. I was wide awake at 4:00am. and fast asleep when Heather came in to get me up. She went back to bed for an hour but I took my medications when she came back into me and promptly went back to sleep. She has gone to the beach hut with the grandchildren so I cant get up until she comes back so I am here in bed typing this jut as well she left me the laptop doing these posts on the kindle is very hard mind you I must remember to take my thumb off the kepboard when geting comfortable!
I phoned the MS nurse at the Clinic yesterday and she had a quick word with the Neuro and he said come off them and he will write for trials with a Baclofen pump. Scary but what have I got to loose my quality of life is rubbish now and this new Neuro is keen to explore all avenues of possibility. I scared myself by looking up pictures of Baclofen Pump on google and unfortunately the first image I saw was of open surgery on the spine. But now I have seen picture of young children with the pump fitted and I am feeling fine about it. I will be on the list to go to London for a trial to  see if it will be of any benefit to me. Here's to hoping.

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  1. Go for the pump, Don. It's not as scary as you think & you soon get used to it. As I said in a previous comment, Shaun's had a pump for over 10 years now - his has baclofen in it, but it's mainly for morphine - & although it doesn't take all the pain away, it makes his quality of life better & makes coping with pain & spasms easier. For him, it was the last resort. He'd had various treatments over the years that hadn't worked, so this was all that was left for him. He's never regretted it..


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