Thursday, 17 July 2014

Hospital appointment and a picnic

Well I had what I thought was an appointment with the MS nurse at Canterbury hospital booked for eleven thirty this morning. Usual story no parking spaces driving round and round. We eventually got in with fifteen minutes to spare. To cut a long story short it was a mix up and we didn't need to be there. We got a future appointment sorted and got out and back in the car just before one o'clock. Just as well that Heather had packed a picnic. The car was red hot sitting in direct sunshine on what was the hottest day of the year so we decided to head off to the woods.
We are lucky to live close so many National Nature Reserves NNR' s and we settled on a visit to the one at Stodmarsh. Last time I wrote about the one at Blean Woods but Stodmarsh has several lakes and  a couple of hides from which you can spot birds in relative comfort. Well we headed off towards Fordwich the smallest town in England being granted Merchant Guild status nearly a thousand years ago at that time it was a port on the river Stour. We headed through the narrow streets and eventually ended up in the village of Stodmarsh followed the Brown Nature reserve sign to the car park
english nature road sign

Stodmarsh Road sign
Once we had safely decamped, had a chat with one of the locals and loaded the picnic onto my lap we headed into the wilds. Fighting our way through the overhanging reeds and avoiding th stinging nettles we crossed two bridges over streams and came accross our first dilema left down there or right up there?? We eventually turned right after a stone paper scissors decision and sat ourselves on a nice wooden bench engraved in memory of someones dad.
Heather made me a coffee as she had all the makings for tea or coffee and a flask of boiling water in the wicker picnic basket. Also prawn and salmon sarnies made by Tesco's  fair hand.We spent a pleasant hour and a half in the shade before heading back to the car park. Once again I struck up conversation with the locals, just as well because once again the car was red hot and Heather opened all the doors and let it called down while I heard about the youth of today and obviously threw in my two pennyworth. We headed home and anyone wondering why I have finished off the pictures with a shot of honeysuckle in my backyard. Heather takes pictures of the garden flowers for me because I am unable to get down the steps and into the garden.
Me eating and pondering the meaning of life

another sign

a bit of a sign

Honeysuckle in my back garden

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