Sunday, 1 June 2014

Wonderful walk at Walmer

Red Hot Pokers

snails everwhere

sea view with red hot pokers

one way to Deal the other way to somewhere else
It is only just today, I am writing this at ten past two laying in bed. We had a great afternoon yesterday. Got into the car after a lazy start to the day at about one thirty called our friends from the car and they were already out walking so after getting some diesel we found them and headed out for a ride. We headed towards Sandwich but when we got there the car park along the Quay was shut due to flood defence work so headed on towards Deal. Previously we had seen a footpath at Walmer along by the seashore we wanted to explore and with the Sun out it was the perfect time. We got there and after much debate and visiting and rejecting two car parks decided to go back to the second one. We parked in the disabled bay got the push wheelchair out and followed the flat path onto the shoreline walk. We found a nice concrete path with a signpost pointing to Deal a mile and a half away or the other way pointing to somewhere else. We headed for somewhere else. I did take a photograph of the sign but that is still on the camera and the camera is downstairs. Oh I can't get out of bed unaided and Heather is now fast asleep so I can't actually tell you where somewhere else is or was but believe me it was the opposite way from Deal.
The car park is right opposite Walmer Castle and its ancient Canon were bristling over the banks pointing out towards the sea ready to shoot at invaders but all shipping looked friendly so all seemed safe. Whilst heading towards somewhere we read a few of the inscriptions on the many benches dotted along the route. The pathway and the adjacent cycle path were both being well used I couldn't believe that all those people had  decided to go for a walk at the same time. A bit further along and a short spur headed down toward the sea and there Sat another wheelchair user. Her name was Nina I discovered and I got a severe case of wheelchair envy, here wheelchair has got suspension! How cool is that? Her husband demonstrated it to us bouncing NINA up and down. I did get an offer to try it but declined. Well we returned to the main path which a few hundred yards later (yes I still use imperial measure) I discovered is called Wellington Walk, I took another photograph but don't need the camera I can remember that all on my own without any help. So we carried on towards somewhere else and I took photos of the flowers I am sure Red Hot Poker's are not a native to these shores but many had sprung up along this shore. Well eventually the path to somewhere else arrived at its destination and we turned round to head back. I got another dose of wheelchair envy as Nina headed past in the opposite direction.
We got back to the car park and once I was safely back in the car the women headed of to the ice cream trailer parked in the corner. Scoop ice creams all round mine was a blueberry one and most unusually with scoop ice cream it went down inside the cone, delicious. I stayed put while the others all headed for the toilets in the next door car park. Next stop fish n chips in Sandwich but it's now after 3:00 am and I am signing off. Needless to say the fish and chips were great. Nite folks
Walmer Castle bristling with canons


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  4. Hello Don
    Enjoyed reading your blog.....lovely pics!!
    I live by the seaside and enjoy great views xx

  5. Thanks Noreen I love the sea, I live at Margate and try to get out and count the ship's whenever I can. Don


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