Thursday, 19 June 2014

Seen the Multiple Sclerosis Consultant

Kent and Canterbury Hospital 1930's
We got to Canterbury Hospital and had the usual trouble finding a disabled parking space but got tho the appointment in plenty of time. We even dropped my sleep apnea machine off for service before getting to the waiting room. They were running a bit late but we were soon in to see the Neurologist and he had been doing his job he had read my notes and knew not only my recent history but some from the dim and distant past. He wants me to go backnext week and have a full MOT to appraise the way forward. I was diagnosed twenty odd years ago and have run out of drugs to try for muscle spasm but he has asked me to try Gabapentin. I was  pleased with him and was lucky to see him at such short notice (he had fitted me in during his lunch hour) well back to have a full MOT next week more news after that.

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