Friday, 6 June 2014

New tablets new problems

When I was in hospital last year I was prescribed tizanidine and dutifully took them, well earlier this year I spoke to a doctor, a locum my GP was away and we decided to double the dose 2mg to four. Well earlier last month I saw the MS nurse who was a MS physio and she said I need to Be taking more as 4mg won't be scratching the surface of my spascisty. I am now up to ten milligrams but the sleepiness is knocking me sideways.
I also had to have a blood test for liver function earlier this week. I hope these increased tablets work because the nurse says the next step is a Baclofen pump which injects liquid baclofen direct into the spinal cord. The drug is delivered directly to where it is needed unlike tablets which mess with the rest of the body as well as where you need it. I am unsure of the Baclofen pump it is a big op but to be able to move my legs again, to sit or to get out of bed unaided seems miles away from the sleepy zombie I am at the moment. I know I will probably get over this spell of tiredness but knowing it and it happening are completely different things. I seem to just be getting side effects without the benefits and I am knackered.

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