Friday, 13 June 2014

Fun Fish and Chips and Donkeys

Yesterday was sweltering hot and I didn't move to far the heat zaps my energy and I tend to sit in the cool with the curtains drawn and fans on. Late in the afternoon two friends called round and we decided to have a ride to Herne Bay and get fish and chips. We all piled into the car and headed of up the Thanet Way to Herne Bay and fish and chips. The women went to get the food and we men sat watching the Gulls foraging for cockles and fly up and drop them to open the shells and they could eat the cockle that thought it was safe inside. I had what Heather told me was skate and chips but was in reality plaice and chips poor girl the sun got to her. Well all four of us sat in the car eating our goodies. Heather had come well prepared Tomato sauce kitchen towels extra salt vinegar and even mayonnaise so we enjoyed our tasty feast and were entertained by the Gulls and all of us are people watchers so fun was had by all.
We headed back towards home and decided to take the long route skirting the Island, Thanet once was an Island cut off from the main land by the River Wansum. But now we are most definitely joined to the rest of the mainland. We went through Margate on to Cliftonville and I could only count six ships so was disappointed my theory that you can always see ten ships was flawed maybe its not always but nearrly always. From Cliftonville we went via North Foreland and I was out voted at going to see the Donkeys at Reading Street so we headed on to Broadstairs in search of Ice Cream. Well Morellis was shut as by now the time was getting on so we headed on towards Ramsgate plenty of bars and restaurants were open but no Ice cream bars. So onwards and upwards I took charge of directions and with the women safely chatting away in the back I directed the course to the Donkeys. We stopped and took some pictures so I was triumphant I had go fish chips and donkeys . We headed back to Cliftonville hoping to cat the sun before it dipped below the skyline. We were to late.
Home it was then for tea's all round and an ice cream from the freezer.
Donkey's by moon light

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