Sunday, 29 June 2014

Friends arrive unexpectedly

Sitting in bed on Friday the phone goes and our friends who live in Southport are on the line. Not unusual but it was a bit early they normally call me when   they are out eating teacakes at some beautiful spot. Well to cut to the chase they were outside wondering where the car was and I unwitting never knew this and explained Heather wasnt here she had taken the car for servicing. They said they would call back when she got home and cut off. I went back to sleep and they shocked Heather when shen spotted them, we haven't seen each other for almost four years and they haven't been to Thanet for seven years. Imagine the surprise I had when they snuck into my bedroom and woke me from a deep deep sleep. This weekend has been a whizz of doing stuff laughing and reminiscing. I have an appointment with the uroligist tomorrow so they are coming and taking me and if I up to it after  we will go and get a bacon sandwich at Tankerton
I will keep you updated as to what and where and when but for now I am knackered and am going to get some shut eye and listen to a bit of Dolly at Glastonbury.

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