Sunday, 22 June 2014

Been in bed all day

Its 10:50pm and I am wide awake, I have  been in bed all day. We went out yesterday and had fish and chips at the beach. Margates not short of beaches I think the Isle of Thanet has nearly 20 miles of beautiful sandy beaches bays and coves and for the last twenty five years our family have had a beach hut on the sand at Westbrook Bay. I hadn't intended going down the steps and onto the sands but four guys offered to lift me in the wheelchair down the half dozen steps onto the sand so I accepted and hey presto I was with my family on the beach, something I cant do that often. My three grandsons were playing in and out of the incoming tide and the sea was as calm as the proverbial Mill Pond. We had a nice milky coffee from the cafe just above us on the prom and the boys enjoyed  ice creams.
Heather's sister was due to join us and bring fish and chips from the chip shop in Westgate so we phoned and added our fish and chips to the order. All set fish chips and coffee on a wonderful sandy beach. She came complete with tomato sauce mayonnaise salt and vinegar. Plates came out of the beach hut and even knives and forks addmitidly plastic ones but knives and forks none the less. I sat there in my eliment surounded by those I love the most at I spot I have enjoyed some marvelous times over the twenty odd years we have had a beach hut at Westbrook.
All good things have to come to an end and trip to the beach was no exeption. Our Son and his girlfriend had people coming and had to leave we recruited a couple of the chaps who had helped get me down and I was  back on the promenade in a flash. We came home and got in doors with help from our son who despite his guests had rushed home with us to ensure I got indoors OK. He is an angel and helps me move around a lot at over six foot he is the tallest and stongest. I was able to watch Wallender and headed to bed at about 10:30 pm and as I mentioned its now after 11:00 I have been busy typing for half an hour and have been here since this time last night. We enjoyed yesterday but we did have plans for today, well they went out of the window at 8:00 am when Heather tried to get me up. I cant get out of bed unaided and this morning I couldnt move at all. We had planned to go and watch number one grandson play football. He was kicking off at 9:30 and no way was I in any fit state to join him so I stayed put. I was fast asleep when Heather returned at just after eleven. I had bacon rolls and coffee and managed a shower. That was possibly a step to far she had to put me in a wheelchair to get me back to bed but at least I had tried even if I couldn't cross the landing with my zimmer. Back in bed I slept and slept and then slept some more. Trouble is it is now 23:31 and guess who is wide awake?

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