Thursday, 12 June 2014

Absolute poverty is a lie

I got into quite a debate last night on Twitter about absolute poverty. By the current reckoning any thing bellow twenty two thousand income and your living in poverty. I have always lived bellow the average income and therefore have always lived in poverty. This median line must be retrospective as well as current? So I and my wife have bought up three children bought our own home clothed and fed ourselves put two of the children through university run a car had a phone plus mobile phones computers holidays and nights out yet by the current reckoning I have lived in poverty. Try compairing our reckoning of poverty to a family in a refugee camp ask the child there if we live in poverty? or one of the kids living in the slums of a shanty town in Africa. Would they recognize ours lives as being in poverty, I don't think so.
If Government and the media are being PC I for one don't want to be tarnished as in poverty. Can the people who invent these statistics who by the way are most likely civil servants with great salary and pensions I could only dream of live in the real world. Stop wasting your time telling us how poor we are and do something to help raise standards, maybe by sacking those civil servants I mentioned. That will never happen for every one of those civil servants you actually see there is ten unseen none of which contribute to the economy. They say the welfare state needs reform well so does the public sector, we can accept one man counting paper clips but thousands. They come up with these ideas to find themselves work to justify their existence. Thanks you have branded me as in poverty made me feel really worthless please crawl back into the hole you came from and count your pension benefits.

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