Saturday, 24 May 2014

Whelks Love em or hate em?

I have eaten whelks since I was knee high to a grass hopper. They are something you like or dont. I eat almost all seafood, in fact I cant think of anything I wont eat but  I expect there is something out there that I do not want to eat. Yesterday my mate and local vicar Patrick went to Whitstable Fish Market and bought a gallon of freshly cook whelks evidently still warm and still in their shells. He like me love sea food the last time we got together with Stuart another seafood aficionado we ate a gallon of jellied eels between us. So what did I do with these whelks I ate them for my tea today with some freshly baked crusty white bread from Aquinis Continental Bakery I live close to the Bakery  and have known their great bread for near on thirty years, our daughter ever used to have a Saturday job there twenty years ago. So fresh bread fresh whelks and a full tummy.


  1. We also like seafood, Dom, most thoes, but can't say that whelks are on our list. Looks like you had a tasty meal. We DO like fresh crusty Italian bread, but alas no bakery here...another good reason to move. The local bakery in the next town only does pastries, donuts and cakes.

  2. I like all fish fresh smoked or pickled and with a nice slice of bread and a few olives


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