Friday, 9 May 2014


I don't mean Frank Spencer from Some Mothers Do Ave Em fame type of way, no I am talking about me. I have not been out much and the other afternoon decided I would go and see my neighbour a few doors along. I negotiated the front door and the front gate and headed four doors down and he wasn't there. So after banging on the front door and deciding no one would answer I thought I know I will have a quick trip round the block. That was my first big mistake, Heading down the hill I stopped and wondered how to negotiate the camber on the path, here come my second big mistake I carried on deciding the camber would be OK. WRONG seconds later I was toppled over and laying still in my wheelchair sprawled across the pavement. As I lay there wondering what to do a young lad rushed over asking am I OK well I clearly was in some sort of a predicament so a quick calculation and I asked him to go tell my wife to come and rescue me. So having sent my only source of help off maybe never to return I resigned myself to laying there for some time. How wrong was I? Quite a crowd appeared from nowhere. A nurse in uniform a large chap a not so large chap and a couple of other ladies all speaking at once and asking stupid questions like "are you alright" ??? How stupid is that to ask a chap lying across the pavement with a 72 kg or 11 and a half stone electric powered wheelchair on top of me.
Well about this time the young lad appeared back on the scene and he was accompanied by my wife who had obviously been to the same school as all the others and she immediately asks "ARE YOU ALL RIGHT" stupid woman NO I AM NOT me thinks. About now our son arrives having found his shoes. He takes charge immediately untangling me from the grips of the extremely heavy wheelchair and gets me to my feet checking for broken limbs in the process. He held me on my feet (I cannot stand unaided any more) and directed the two different sized chaps  as they righted the wheelchair. I was reunited with my battle scarred wheels. Said good bye to all those kind enquiring people gave my thanks to the young lad and headed very embarrassed for home

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