Thursday, 15 May 2014

Wheelchair Service Today

Well I was sitting here the other day and the phone goes, I  answered it as is my wont and was greeted by a cheerful woman. Hmm this is unusual me thinks. Well it turns out to be the Wheelchair people and they want to book an appointment to come and service the wheelchair, the same one I told you about in Wheelchair Whoopsie. Can I book him in for tomorrow? she says to me now this is where I was doing as I am told. My wife Heather had said if anyone phones and wants to come and see us tomorrow tell them no. So I was on safe ground when I says to the aforementioned cheerful woman nope I won't be here I have a hospital appointment to see about a camel, but I didn't know about the camel at that time (I just put that bit in for dramatic effect) so far so good. Ah says cheerful woman I wont send him when your not there how about I send him Thursday? OK says me and we part company with me knowing he is coming Thursday and her knowing I am expecting him on Thursday. All sorted filed and done. Wife walks in and says anyone phoned? to which on a normal day I would have looked at her with that quizzical vacant look and said no I don't think so. But this time I remembered and said yes the wheelchair mans coming on Thursday to which she replies what time AHHH I knew the answer to this I DON'T KNOW I replied.
This evidently was the wrong answer as I found out I have been in doors all day waiting for the wheelchair man and she has been out eating salmon sandwiches and drinking coffee with her aunt and uncle which because I had forgotten about it and invited the wheelchair service man to come and see my wheelchair I couldnt go and join them. Moral to this story is get wheelchair people to phone back when your social secretary is home.


  1. Hi Don, thanks for your visit and comment on our blog by way of Denise (An English Girl Rambles). You are right about scheduling with the social secretary and here at the Frog & PenguINN as we freer to our home, that would be me. I insist that appts, etc. be written on the wall calendar in the kitchen where both Grenville and myself can see them. Did the wheelchair serviceman every show up after you missed that outing?

  2. Yep he got to me at 5:15 pm and everyone was back home and discussing what I had missed, He was a nice guy so it was ok, he had just missed an outing with his kids to get a Pizza as he was running late My fault for not asking what time he would be calling.


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