Monday, 26 May 2014

Pancreatic cancer vs MS

I got off the phone to a good friend yesterday who had just returned from holiday. He went to visit a friend in the United States before he set off on a whistle stop tour of America. All in all he was over their six weeks. He knew the friend had just been newly diagnosed with pancreatic cancer it was one of the reasons for starting the tour from there. The phone call was to check how I was doing and also to gloat over his fantastic holiday. He deserves it he has just retired and is spending his kids inheritance. Well he mentioned his friend in the US in the six weeks he was away he had died yep gone. It took less than eight weeks from diagnosis. Well the story is sad but the reason for it is this. We are not immortal, this isn't a practice run. We only get one chance to do life. You never get to know what's round the corner so go for it. I had no way of knowing I was to have Multiple Sclerosis in later life. I have no regrets but I sure as hell miss being able to walk barefoot in due covered  grass as the Sun rises and hearing the dawn chorus as I do it. My MS has taken stuff away but I cope. What I hero I hear you say. No I am not writing this about me I am writing it for you. To get you to let go and grasp life we, none of us can tell the future so live and laugh for this is yesterday's future. Have a good day. Don

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