Thursday, 15 May 2014

Multiple Sclerosis Nurses great appointment with a camel

Hi World! I just wanted to applaud the NHS and the MS Nurses in particular. I had an appointment with one of the specialist MS nurses yesterday at Canterbury Hospital. I love Canterbury I have been going there since I was a young pup and some how at the age of about three or four I decided to help my mum and dad by chopping some firewood well it resulted in a stay in the children's ward and my left thumb tip being sewn back on. I had a great childhood growing up on a farm so  don't complain about my parents leaving a sharp instrument around everything on a farm is dangerous I could have sawn myself in two with the sawbench had I been able to start the tractor and connect things up.
Back to the MS specialist nurses. They are fantastic! I have had MS for over twenty years and before the specialist nurses everything had to go through the Neurology Consultant but yesterday he was on hand seeing his patients and two MS nurses were holding clinics in adjacent rooms. I asked a question that she couldn't answer and she went next door spoke to the consultant and hey presto I  got my answer. All in all I had a great appointment she is changing my medication to see if I can get better movement and told me about the next alternative if the tablet change is unsuccessful. She is also going to recommend I get a Camel. I like the idea of a pet camel but this one is an inflatable one to get me up from a fall. I looked on google and have watched videos on riding a camel in the desert but eventually found this CAMEL INFLATABLE PATIENT LIFT
I must admit I was rather looking to something akin to a ship of the desert that I could have ridden on Margates sands but the inflatable lift looks more practical. I have had a few falls recently and its difficult to get me back up off the floor we have had to call our son to come and rescue me. So that was my day at Canterbury Hospital out patient Department. We rounded the day off with a trip to Blean Woods RSPB reserve


  1. I like how you managed to combine a hospital trip with a visit to the RSPB reserve. The camel seems still to need two paramedics to operate it. I think something like that was used with my wife when she had a problem getting out of a hydrotherapy pool once.

  2. Hi Gerald the reserve was alluding ouir efforts to get there we had failed to find it last week but this time I checked the map before leaving home, or rather Google Maps. All in all a very worthwhile day a blue tit in a donations box and a camel with no legs

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  4. Hi Don, Shaun's had a CAMEL lift for a couple of years now & they are great. As long as you have room where you've fallen to put it :o) They take all the strain out lifting someone up & are supportive enough so you can sit there for a while, getting your breath back & calming your heart down after a fall. I hope you find it as useful as we have.


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