Monday, 12 May 2014

Fatigue with Multiple Sclerosis is a funny old thing

Saturday was a great day bright sunny but a bit chilly. The morning disappeared in a flash but lunch time we grabbed a sandwich and decided if we didn't make a move the afternoon would go the same way. Heather got me into the car  grabbed the camera and we headed out for an adventure. On the way we called on two friends and they were at a loose end so we all headed out. We have been trying to locate a RSPB reserve at Blean Woods. You know how it is we say we are going there and never look at the map if we find it its a bonus the drive is the real reason  we are out. Well we headed out towards Canterbury via  the woods at Herne Bay. We skirted Canterbury drove past the end of the road to the reserve so I have just learned from google maps. I wonder if I can rember this for the next time we try and find it. Well we knew we had missed the reserve so headed on towards Whitstable. We turned off before Whitstable and got lost and found our way again when we passed the farm where we had stored our caravan years ago, strange how you can be lost and yet know where you are!
         I knew there would be some lambs at Graveny so headed that way when we came to the next signpost. Sure enough we discovered sheep and lambs but I never did take a picture all day so I wont be putting any soppy lamb shots on this post. I was now on home turf when we were first married we set up home in Faversham and I was born a couple of miles outside of the town lots of years ago. We had a wonderful ride round and I showed our friends the farm where I was born and where I grew up. By now we were peckish and I directed the way to Crispins Chip shop in Teynham were we sat in the car park eating fish and chips watching a family of Sparrows dart in and out of the hedge just in front of us. Well we headed back towards home after this and taking the scenic route finally got home about four hours after we had first decided to go on an adventure. I struggled to get out of the car and into my wheelchair but thats not unusual. I knew I had been out because I was feeling tired but all I had done was sit in the car. Well we had some supper and then an early night. Here come the funny bit I went straight to sleep and soon Sunday morning comes around. When it did I was knackered I could hardly move and after a cup of tea drunk while hardly awake I rolled over and called Sunday off.
I eventually reawoke mid afternoon but couldnt get out of bed my body didnt want to play. I lay there for a couple of hours watched the Grand Prix and eventually got out of bed but my legs which dont work at the best of times were not going to play. I had been out, all I had done was sit in the car and take in the view but my body was behaving like I had run a marathon. I dont feel great today but writing yesterday off was the price I had to pay for a ride in the country. It was a price I was happy to pay but why should my body shut down after just a few hours doing something out of the ordinary. Multiple Sclerosis is a fatigue based disease but why should sitting in the car for a few hours enjoying the views wear me out so much? Well I have had Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis for over twenty years and I think I manage my fatigue well. I know that if I am going to go somewhere or do something I need to manage my rest, I will nap before going out or if out will sit somewhere quiet and close my eyes for half an hour. I have never sought advice on managing fatigue but this morning I went to the MSSOCIETY website  and one of the most memorable thing I read was this :- Fatigue in MS is not just an ordinary tiredness, like you might get at the end of a hard day's work. It's as an overwhelming sense of tiredness that often occurs after very little activity.
                 I knew this because after twenty odd years of managing my MS one thing I do know is I can get tired at the drop of a hat but why does it occur?  The MS Society have written loads of articles on fatigue so I am not going to reinvent the wheel but I will say I am no nearer understanding why, but I do know I manage my fatigue my way and that you need to find  your own way to handle your MS. Help with how you can do that can also find lots of videos on YOUTUBE

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