Sunday, 11 May 2014

Disabled comedian at the Fringe

I just read an article on the font of all knowledge the BBC website about a disabled comedian and how he copes with people's awkwardness at talking to him. He uses a talky thing like Stephen Hawking and often people see him writing on the key pad think he is deaf and write their replies to him, he just lets them carry on writing it saves him explaining. The best bit about it was he describes people as disabled and not yet disabled, well you never know what is round the corner I never got my Multiple Sclerosis until I was near on forty. . He is campaigning along with Scope to make people aware of disability and the fact that not all disabled people are in a wheelchair.often you cannot see they are disabled. One funny bit was were he said about the not yet disabled being blind to people with disabilities and then adds wouldn't that be ironic. I don't suffer from people feeling awkward around me I go out of my way to make them feel awkward. I used to be one of the not yet disabled so I have seen life from both sides now ( a good title for a song) just because I am in a wheelchair don't change me. Other than the obvious fact I can't walk or run swim or jump anymore I am the same person, maybe a bit more cynical but the same. No forget the last bit I am a whole lot more cynical.
So if you read this and you are one of the not yet disabled good on you go for it live life to the full and don't behave like a miser. Enjoy the wind in your face run barefoot in the morning dew because one day you nay wake up and never be able to do those things again. If your disabled and can't do those things TOUGH I can't do them anymore either.

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