Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Curry Controlled Diet

I just saw a dieting advert on telly and whilst I wasn't really  listening I did prick my ears up when I thought I heard a curry controlled diet. Heather said no the said calorie controlled diet. Well by now we are both paying attention and the advert finished with the girl say she was going for a curry. So maybe there is such a thing as a curry controlled diet. Years ago I would have been up for that one but of late I am suffering with spicy food and greasy food. I have mentioned on here before I suffer with reflux and take super tablets called Pantoprazole which reduces the acid my tummy stopping the acid reflux where your dinner wants to come back and say hello. I am not sure if this acid reflux is a Multiple Sclerosis thing or a family thing I cant blame it on Heathers cooking because the worst thing is pastry and I have always liked a Pukka Pie or two but for the last few years meat pies mean indigestion. I have lived on Gaviscon for the last few years, mainly tablets because I could carry a tube all the time because indigestion can attack anytime. I have now cracked it. I phoned my GP and had a chat with him saying that things were getting worse not better. He recommended I take some spearmint tablets half an hour before eating my evening meal. Well cutting to the chase they are working a dream, no more rumbling tummy during the evening and no more shortness of breath when I get into bed. I have said in previous posts about my dad always sucking Rennies and both my brother and sister suffering from reflux as well but I am sure they like me wont be doing the Curry controlled diet anytime soon. Do you fancy the curry diet?

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