Thursday, 17 April 2014

Indigestion and Heartburn

I have always suffered with indigestion both my brothers and my sister do as well. I remember my dad always sucked Rennies so he suffered as well. I find pastry the worst offender and at 1:00 am. last night I had to shout the wife to administer some Gaviscon. I cant get up unaided so normally we put a selection of pills and potions that I may need during the night on the bedside cabinet but last night we were later to bed and it got missed. I have Lansoprazole on prescription which keeps me on an even keel regarding Refux but just sometimes I get caught out and need to chew a gaviscon. I use the tablets and we never go out without a tube of the tablets secreted in Heathers handbag. Indigestion can and will stike at anytime so my advice is don't suffer go and see your GP their is stuff out there to help make your life better and Quality of life is what we all want to achieve. So this may not be the Multiple Sclerosis making me uncomfortable but my MS was to blame for me being unable to get out of bed last night so guess where I am laying the blame.

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  1. Don, I try to avoid stuffing myself with food late at night which seems to work.


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