Wednesday, 2 April 2014

feel awake today

Maybe the Tizanidine is bedding in? Today is the first day that I actually feel awake. The tizanidine makes my mouth so dry and then my head needs sleep but today it's all change. No dry mouth and only a slight sleepiness. I do suffer from reflux and take lots of tablets for it and now need some gavescon to keep the cup of tea I drank earlier down, my body is falling apart! For someone who was invincible in a younger life I an now a broken wreck, a shell of my former life. I can't even get to the next room to answer the phone. So I am feeling sorry for myself this morning? Yep I am Multiple Sclerosis really sucks and today it has got to me. The radio is on and I cannot cross the room to turn it off and because I can't I now really find its endless happiness really annoying. Hmmmm.

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