Friday, 4 April 2014

Earache stops me in my tracks

I sat at the back window today watching the birds feed from the feeders and a pair of Blue Tits go in and out of one of the nest boxes on the front of the garage, my wife Heather was playing on the floor with one of our grandchildren. All in all a fine day. Then it struck, out of the blue, no warning no signs. BAM nothing and then a pain behind my left ear. Not in my ear but in the spot behind my ear that at first I put it down to my neck. The pain was severe I am no whoose and have a very high pain threshold but even I said it hurts.I massaged my neck, sometime ago I had read an article somewhere about ME being caused or not helped by restrictions on the vein to the brain that runs up there.
Me being in such pain I got a couple of Codipar tablets and after a while the pain had gone but I was all shaky. The best place for me was to be in bed. So grandson was left to fend for himself for a few minutes while my wife helped me get into bed. I put my C.A.P. mask on because I needed good quality sleep and I don't remember going to sleep but I must have gone straight off because I didn't hear our daughter collect her son or visitors arrive and leave. The next thing I remember is my wife popping her head round the door some four hours later offering tea. I drunk my tea and read a couple of chapters of my book before daring to surface. After more Codipar and dinner I sat in my wheelchair watching a bit of TV when the pain migrated, it became full blown earache. I had been worrying I might have narrowing of the arteries to my brain or a blood clot moving up to give me a stroke. Can you imagine the sheer relief I got from knowing I wasn't going to suffer brain damage or my MS was going to cut the blood supply to my tiny brain.
I am now back in bed rates and cotton wool in the offending orifice and feeling relieved I am in pain from a simple ear infection. Good night.

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