Tuesday, 11 March 2014

so what is causing the blood in my urine?

I told you I would update you about the CT scan and the blood in my urine. Well I went to see the urologist yesterday and nothing showed up on either the endoscopy examination' s  or the CT scan. I am not bothered by the blood in my urine but the specialist is very thorough and wants to see me again in 16 weeks. I don't think it can be bladder cancer not after all the tests and camera's so I am not overly concerned, but at the same time it is always in the back of my mind. I was both mentally and physically exhausted when I did get home yesterday and I am writing this on my Kindle in bed. I know my Multiple Sclerosis has made me a physical wreck but all these extra worries wears me down and I need to rest more after the excitement of a trip out.
 I have a supra pubic catheter fitted and it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I started out self catheterising  hut eventually had a urethral catheter fitted. No more keeping an eye out for the nearest loo or wet pants and rushing home to shower and change. I kept getting urine infections and they can be very debilitating. I have been known to be unable to bend my legs and had them sticking out in front of me in a wheelchair, also talking nonsense complete jibber jabber. My wife knows when I am going down with a urine infection because I get argumentative and cantankerous. A course of antibiotics can free you of a urine infection but for me with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis I often end up in bed for days before feeling better.
All in all the urinary tract can cause all sorts of problems, if you don't drink enough your bowels are affected but that is another story that I will share on another day. I am off in search of coffee and cake I am sure there is a slice of Victoria Sponge sitting in the cake tin quivering, hiding away from me.

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