Friday, 14 March 2014

sleeping all day again

There's darn tablets mess with my mind. I increased the dosage on my tizanidine and it creeps up and bites. I started taking an extra one on Wednesday and I have virtually been asleep ever since. I woke at six this morning was back asleep by eight had much, IN BED. Few visitors then slept unroll five o'clock. Showered and went downstairs. Ate watched a bit of telly and now back in bed. The tablets have made a difference, my movement has improved but unroll the rest of my body falls into line looks like I am a sleepy head. So other than some strange dreams nothing else to report on the life of a MS sufferer.I may not be awake Long enough to blog over the weekend so see you next week unless I find myself unable to sleep at 11:30pm tomorrow night. Have a good weekend hopefully  I will if I do manage to stop this sleeping bout.

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