Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Multiple Sclerosis and Me 2

I have to say I have Primary Progressive Multiple  Sclerosis and get no respite my condition is one which is a continuous downhill decline. Yes some days are better than others but even on good days I am no better than the previous medically but maybe mentally. I am not complaining just letting you know my MS doesn't give me a break it is there 24/7 everyday its not bad, but it is my life I am in a slow but very sure journey where stuff gets no better but it is all relative I have a high pain threshold but I do take lots of pain killers. I am cheerful but I take anti depressants my muscles spasm but a I take anti spasmodic medication. MS is a tenacious beast it is relentless but that just means you have to make the most of life. I try and be cheerful but sometimes I am unable to keep up the smiley face. Laughter is very good medicine and my glass is always half full. I have a very very good  wife who keeps me going life without her would be unbearable she is my rock. My kids are all great and look after me and keep me in cake and bacon sarnies. Work is a dim and distant memory I am in a wheelchair full time now but it does mean I can get around. I had to give up driving about ten years ago I was no longer safe behind the wheel.

I will continue this

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