Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Increased my Tizanidine

My movement and muscle spasms have got worse recently and seeing as I am on a low dose of Tizanidine I called my Doctor this morning and discussed upping the dose.  He has advised taking another tablet which I have just taken. I normally take them at night but he said try one during the day and now I remember now why I take them last thing at night I am beginning to feel sleepy and my mouth is going dry, how can such a small tablet cause you mouth to go so dry? Well with more Tizanidine in my system I will be bouncing around (I don't think so) my legs are not shaking but if  I have a quick nap now I will see what my legs are when I wake up. My wife has just gone in search of the Allen Key to tighten up the armrest on my wheelchair it has worked itself loose and when she checked it earlier it fell off in her hand so it is desperately in need of attention. I had to get out of the chair whilst she mended it so now she is not just a carer but a wheelchair mechanic to boot.
Well with my medications sorted my wheelchair mended I will be a new man but first before I make any transformationsI need some lunch and a short nap, see you in a few hours.

Yep three hours sleep and some food I am feeling better but after In the line of duty on TV it is now just after ten  so back to bed for me, its a hard life but someone's got to do it. Night be back tomorrow.

It is now tomorrow been awake since before 6am and turned the kindle on  at 6:30 played a few games of freefall before succumbing to blogging. I can't get out of bed without help so have to wait here. I had to much sleep or may be to much tizanidine in my system. I take a few days to adjust to medication changes so my money is on the tizanidine. Seven o'clock now going to read for a while. Bye.

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