Friday, 7 March 2014

I dont bounce when I take a fall but no ambulance this time

I ended up on the floor on Sunday not a huge tumble, I have had far worse but once down I could not get back up. Heather was in the shower and all I had wanted to do was reach the TV remote. How stupid was I? I got down there but every time I tried to get up my joints were shouting don't do it and they really hurt. Muscles I used to use all the time were screaming in agony. After 15 minutes of struggling and me getting weaker and weaker we gave up and called our 6 foot 2 inch son. He was just about to order food in Nando's and  had just been told there was no calamari when he took the call and looked the waiter in the eye and said "we are leaving" no doubt the waiter thought the lack of calamari was the reason, his girlfriend certainly did until she got outside. Once home he soon got me back in the wheelchair and from there back upstairs and into bed.
 They obviously hadn't eaten so take out Chinese was the ideal answer, I always make a mess my hands shake and add the fact I was laying in bed didn't help. My quilt cover had all sorts of food stains by the time I emptied my bowl but the food was delicious and Heather is used to me making a mess every time I eat, it is one of the reasons why we don't eat in restaurants anymore. My MS has a lot to answer for, people think we are being funny when they invite us to join them at restaurants but I make enough mess in my own house and don't feel I can inflict my mess on to the world at large. After eating and dosed up with pain killers I slept soundly. Monday I stayed in bed until late afternoon sleeping almost continuously. I find any form of trauma my body shuts down and all I do is sleep so I go with my body after all sleep is the best medicine or so they say. I have  no bruises yet but they never show up until I have forgotten how I could have got them. The one exception to this is last week when having my scan the nurse missed a vein that had a bruise later that day and now a week or so later its blue yellow and even green.
So the continuous round of fun and games goes on Multiple Sclerosis is a fantastic friend it keeps on trying to be in charge BUT I WONT LET IT.

Multiple Sclerosis Society

Primary Progressive forum

NHS Multiple Sclerosis

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