Monday, 24 March 2014

Been feeling rough

Its hard to put a finger on how I feel but I do not feel the full ticket. Yesterday we went to the youngest Grandsons birthday party. I struggled to get back in the car and my son had to come and get me out of the car and then pack me off to bed. My legs just wont work. I used to suffer a lot of UTI and the legs and in fact most of my body would not work. But I don't have a Urine infection at least I don't think I do, so why this sudden change. It has been the last few weeks and at least a day or so in bed because my body refuses to work, my joints will not cooperate they will not bend and hurt. I am going through lots of pain killers!
Maybe it is the weather? Maybe it is the increase in Tizanidine? I  tried going back to the previous dose but was just as bad. I dont have a clue or as my son says "You dont have a Scooby doo" he is right . Still the wife has just got back from the chemist and it is lunch time I am out of here.

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