Sunday, 2 February 2014

Multiple Sclerosis and me 1

I  have a love hate relationship with my Multiple sclerosis it loves to mess with me and I hate it because it makes my life such a roller coaster. Take today I have always like the Saturday cooking shows on television and over the years I have gotten used to Saturday being a slow start. Today was no exception I laid in untill 12 then had a little nap which became a major sleep until 5:30. Then trying to summon the strength to get out of bed and cross the landing and take a shower was an absolute major effort. I managed it somehow, but what had started as a lazy day was fast becoming a fight for every baby step to cross the landing again to get dressed. Super human strength required to get back across landing and onto the stairlift to descend into the real world. It took two hours from getting out of bed to foot of the stairs. I had obviously overdone the resting because normally I can do it in around the hour mark. Why when I had taken the chance on a lazy day had it taken so long? The only reason can be my MS. I am sure given the chance it will kick back, remind you it's in charge and  don't dare forget it.
This may sound like I am moaning well I am but not about MS I am moaning about me. I know what happens when I change routine and yet I ignored the knowledge I have built-in over the years and just wanted to pamper myself with a lazy day. It's my fault. Had I got up as normal I am sure I would have had a normal day. But I ignored all the knowledge I have of my own condition and wanted to laze about to indulge myself. I knew it would come back and bite me but I went ahead any way. My own act of rebellion against my Lord and master my MS. It rules my very being my existence and as much as I can control it I know if I give an inch it will take the proverbial mile and today it did just that. Roll on tomorrow.

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