Tuesday, 11 February 2014

catheter and blood in urine

Best thing about my not so new (had over a year now) suprapubic catheter I don't get as many urine infections, one in 13 months. I used to get one every month with the normal urethral catheter, and they loved my MS. I really suffered mentally ( talking rubbish) bad tempered and physical muscular shut down my body used to go rigid. Urine infections send you loopy many people have no idea  they can be so nasty but urine infections are nasty, but for me hopefully a thing of the past. But I have had a couple of bleeds and waking up to a bag of blood red urine is alarming. Well it's my wife who it alarms I can't get out of bed unaided anymore so she finds it before me, seems it always bleeds overnight.
Well it's just another part of my wonderful multiple sclerosis I thought but I eventually gave in to my wife's demands and mentioned it to my doctor. So now six months later I am no nearer to knowing why I get blood in my wee despite camera's inside me scans all over me. I am now waiting for blood tests and a cat scan. I am not concerned but the brightest brains of the medical system want to know why my wee goes red and I feel duty bound to help them in this quest. Besides how many people get to see the inside of their bladder magnified to enormous. I might be making medical history but I very much doubt it. I will let you know the outcomes.


  1. very useful you sharing all this stuff. sorry you are having such a rough time

  2. I puit it out there so others who may be suffering know they are not alone it can be tough I am lucky having my marvelous family but not everyone gets support. My Multiple Sclerosis has wrecked my body but not my spirits


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