Monday, 6 January 2014

recuperation takes longer

I was discussing this with my brother in law tonight, the older you are the longer it takes. I had my fall last week a day and a half in bed and then up and at em. Well I thought I was! How wrong was I, last night I couldn't stand up, it took super human efforts to get from settee to wheelchair and even more getting on and off the stairlift. I know I hadn't done much during the day but my body was letting me know that it didn't like it. Recuperation takes time, I didn't do much yesterday by normal standards, but my body has Primary progressive Multiple sclerosis which is anything but normal. It takes longer to recover, I did watch a bit of football yesterday all part of my recovery you understand. Well after getting up and going out for a pleasant ride in the car I watched a couple of football matches, soccer to those who read this stuff in Canada and America. Well cutting to the chase I saw what at the time was an unremarkable injury to a player an athlete who is young and at the top of his game. That unremarkable little incident will keep him from playing competitively for six months. According to the news he will be out of the world cup.
And here is me a 58 year old unfit wreck of my former self wondering why I have had to spend another day in bed again today recovering from my fall. The recuperation is the hard part getting injured it seems is as easy as falling of a log or in my case  a chair. The human bodies ability to let you know it is not ready to do what you demand of it day after day should not be underestimated. I know I hurt myself yet I still expect to be back to normal, now please bear in mind my normal is way way below a normal everyday healthy bodies normal. SO if a young lad whom Arsenal football club pay millions to be fit and healthy takes six months to recover why am I surprised that after such a short time I cannot stand up let alone play football. 

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