Saturday, 11 January 2014

Multiple Sclerosis messes with me

Today started badly. 9:15 am fast asleep and the phone wakes me from my deep sleep. The offending item lives beside my bed  but my body refuse' s to move fast enough to get it. Now wide awake and because of the shock and struggle to answer it my body reuses to behave. This goes on for another two hours before I can finally make it downstairs. Lunch a wonderful bacon roll made by Heather and because my body will not behave I decided not to go for the ride out we had planned. Bowel problem' s mean I miss out on a great deal of things. Today is no different other than I feel like crap as well. I am not sure why my body won't even work to its normal miserable self. When this happens you cannot change things just hope it's not permanent. I am now in bed typing this on my kindle as I watch match of the Day. More pain killers  and the my sleep apnea mask on and sleep. I just hope tomorrow work's out better than today, and the phone will be closer but when you prepare for it I doubt it will ring. I am blaming the phone for my rubbish day but the real culprit is N
Multiple Sclerosis it wrecks lives and it is wrecking mine one day at a time.

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  1. Probably those nice people phoning you about payment protection insurance


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