Sunday, 5 January 2014

Bed rest to recover and recuperate

My MS hates trauma and for the record so do I. Trauma usually involves pain and whilst I have a high pain threshold I try and avoid getting hurt. Well yesterday I couldn't avoid the pain, and when it arrived if was fast and furious, note to self that would make good title to a computer game ( only kidding) .I was sitting in the bedroom waiting for my wife so we could go and get breakfast, the TV was on and I was glancing at a camera magazine and I saw he phone on the bed. So far so good, why didn't I just wait for my wife instead of reaching out to get the phone i'll never know, but reach out I did. The chair over balanced and I and the chair fell forward I bashed the edge of the bed before falling sideways and hitting my head onto the edge of the open door. It didn't end there Oh no. I then headbutted the bedside cabinet before coming to a halt in a tangled mess, me chair cabinet and some bedcovers for good measure.
The only thing not in this tangled heap was the phone. The bang between head and door had been hard, I had obviously gathered some momentum by the time we collided but the effect whilst we had not embraced for long was extraordinary. My vision went black and maybe some would have said they saw stars all I saw was the room trying to rotate around my now throbbing head. As I said previously I try and avoid trauma because my MS shuts my body down, I go rigid and arms and legs will not cooperate. The just shut up shop pack their bags and retreat to safer climes where they won't be in danger of getting pain inflicted upon them. So by the time Heather got too me, (only a few seconds) I was in a state of rigor mortise and she needed all her strength to sort out my limbs to enable me to try and lay on the bed. I have always had good upper body strength but journey from floor to bed took some doing and exhausted me further still. When I did finally lay still on the bed and the room finally slowed down from its fast spin and came back into focus Heather checked me over. No bleeding from the brief encounter with the door but both elbows and one knee had lost their covering of skin and in their embarrassment tried to cover their nudity with red fluid.
Finally I managed to locate the phone but the allure to use it had long gone. I had only wanted it because it was new and shiny much nicer than the old ones it had replaced less than 24hours earlier. Now the shine had gone and in its place I had bruises and some bleeding elbows. Today is my second day in bed I am still tender in places I didn't know I had hurt. I am slowly getting back to being me again but I don't like the new phones yet, maybe in a couple of months when the bruises are gone.

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