Friday, 27 December 2013

Wheelchair whizz

me out for a walk by ascu75
me on my scooter carrying my Grandsons scooter

fits your palm for more comfort
I have gone from the hard work wheelchair to easy street. The new electric wheelie makes for an easier life not only for me but also Heather my long suffering wife. As I sit in the wheelchair typing this she is on the settee sleeping trying to get over a cold. Our eldest daughter has got flu so she has  got this cold from her, bad daughter. I am writing this post to tell people who are housebound get out there if you can. I know and I myself have cut myself off from my family and friends because I couldn't be bothered or a I didn't think anyone wany wanted me around. After all I am just a burden and of no use to anyone WRONG your family want you the friends may not want you but if the dont want you around even more reason to get out there and phiss them off. And you will feel better for it. I know all about feeling vulnerable and lonely but you can feel that indoors so get out and see the world meet new people and make new friends. I am sure you will feel better using whatever tools you can to get around I myself ave gone from staggering around to using first one walking stick to two. Then onto crutches if you go for crutches a word of warning go for the ergonomic hand grips they are are more comfortable than the standard round grips   I know believe me.
better comfort and support makes you smile

I then went onto various walkers or eventually a zimmer. Then the hard work wheelchair I was able to use a self propelled one with the hand rings on the back wheels. That is better than being pushed where you do not want to be by someone else. Beware of being pushed down hill by your son who thinks it is fun to let go So now I am in an electric wheelchair indoors. I also have a mobility scooter for walks when out with the kids

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