Monday, 2 December 2013

Waiting for Doctor to phone

Sitting here waiting for the doctor to phone me. I just want some advice over my tablets should I take more or can he prescribe stronger ones, nothing serious but I want to run it by him. I am much the same sorry I haven't posted but my Promote Thanet blog takes priority and I forget to post on here, odd really when you think my MS affects my life so much but there again I dont regard myself as disabled just not well. I still think I will get better! Some hope of that but stranger things have happened. Did I tell you all I have a new wheelchair an electric one I dont take so many lumps out of the door frames as I did but have now started running Heather over.............. bad move without her I am lost but twice now I have run over her foot. Painful for both her and me, she get toe ache I get earache. I am sitting in the wheelchair now with the laptop on my knees and looking out of the window watching the birds devour all the food we put out for them. They are an endless source of entertainment for me, I have loved bird watching since I was a kid I think the first book I got as a child was the observers book of birds     
This morning I have seen a Wren Blue, Great ad Coal Tits and watched several comical Parakeets doing acrobatics to get to the feeders Here is a video of some I did last week with my little camera

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