Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Sleep Apnea control helps my Multiple sclerosis

Since going into hospital fr rehab after a particularly bad infection and also being fitted with a CPAP air supply I a feeling a lot better. While I was in hospital the newspapers were full of the news that John Cleese was undergoing tests for sleep apnea. Well I didn't get my photo inn the paper like Cleese but I have got a great bit of kit that keeps me from disturbing my sleep (I was stopping breathing 27 times an hour)so little wonder I was always tired. I am now able to do daily exercise and although I am in the wheelchair all day now I actually feel  almost human again.All of this is down to my MS nurse getting on the case and getting me sorted. The specialist nurses are under rated they do a fantastic job for us multiple sclerosis sufferers and their work keeps a lot of us sufferers out of hospital beds and are worth their weight in gold.Gadget test: John Cleese posted a picture on Twitter of himself getting ready to sleep with a machine attached that tests for sleep apnea

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