Tuesday, 16 July 2013

First impressions of my Agfa Isoly.

Well what can you get for a quid? not a lot is the answer. When I saw this gem of German engineering I expected it to be like all other German camera's well made and strong, wow how wrong can a man be. The Isoly is more robust than some but it was made to a price and that price was as close to zero as one can get. I have a couple of agfa's ad they are robustly made and designed to be as good as possible, the lump of sixties plastic sitting on my radiator as I type is not in that category. I bought it because it takes 120 film and I have a roll that I want to use up so I am not expecting much  it wont even be full size as it takes 16 frames at 4x4 rather than 12 6x6 format. I must saymy first impressions are this camera is cheap but sometimes simple things please simple minds so as I get over my first impressions (its only been here fifteen minutes) I may yet come to enjoy this wonder of German thrift, but if the plastic ever ready case is anything to go by I am dubious. Still here are a couple of photos taken with my lumix tz8.
it cant even stand up

my new toy

slide off back

talk about cheap


  1. You could be happily surprised with the photos you get from this camera! It is capable of crisp and colourful results that can knock many digital shots out of contention.
    Having given my cameras away I am expecting delivery of a Canon S2 IS digital via eBay. This is because, at last weekend's Jet Ski Racing at Palm Bay I couldn't see a damn thing in the LED screen of my tiny Fuji point and shoot. The Canon has a viewfinder as well as a swivel viewing screen. By he way, a new photo studio has just opened in Northdown Road opposite the closed NatWest Bank and next to Day's Supermarket.It doesn't yet have a name and the owners appear to be E European with limited English. I wish them well but cannot see how they'll make enough to cover their expenses, let alone make a profit.

  2. I am sure I will be surprised Col, but I was shocked when it came out of the box. I am now looking for the roll of 120 film I last see in October. What do you recon my chances are of finding it before the date expires?


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