Friday, 28 June 2013

Stress and Multiple Sclerosis

Now I know there are different levels of stress, an infantryman on patrol in Afghanistan will suffer a different stress to me, but to me my stress affects my MS big time. Take this morning the postman arrived with a letter saying a direct debit I had set up had gone wrong. So a stressful call to the bank, then my neighbour knocks the door and then a phone call to BT plus the mobile going three or four times in the middle of all this. So all the time my stress levels are rising and it results in my body saying enough is enough and when I went past the level it wanted to operate at my legs went into spasm and then wouldn't bend. Time to stop and take stock hence I am now sitting here in the wheelchair with a cup of tea watching Wimbledon.. If I dont learn to stop and slow down the world wont care if I end up in bed unable to move so it is down to me to say NO. I hope you can handle stress better than I do and recognise when to say enough is enough andd sit down and take a rest, I am slowly learning, I still think I am 21 (I wish)


  1. Try Buteyko breathing Don. Plenty on the internet about it.

  2. I am not being daft, but have you considered meditation to help with stress relief? It is easy to do, has no religious requirements and you can teach yourself from a book or internet free.


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