Saturday, 13 April 2013

Up out of bed and dressed

For the first time in over two weeks I am downstairs! The feeling of being dressed and sitting here is fan blooming tastic. The only downside has been BT internet not working and a call to India to speak to an adviser. But it is all back and working and I have even made a reservation at Argos. So it seems that the new antibiotics are working, two weeks of being hardly able to stand has left me weaker that usual so back to the exercise regime with renewed vigor. I spoke with the MS nurse on Friday and she was about to take some leave and will be back in contact next week but I am fixed, my GP did a good job. Back downstairs but the TV has the same rubbish on it, someone cooking fish heads at the moment. At least Nigel Slater has finished, I like his recipes but his voice drives me mad. Right that is enough from me for now my war with my MS  may  not be over but at least it seems I have won the latest battle, fingers crossed. Hope the stairlift gets me back up stairs.

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